How Can We Buy WildStar Gold Without Getting Banned



I know that buy wildstar gold is safe, but some players’ account is disabled by Carbine after they bought wildstar gold. buy wildstar gold without getting caught you need to know two principles.

1. choose reliable wildstar gold site to buy legal wildstar gold.
A reliable gold website must obtain safety certification, obtain Norton Safe Web Verified. Norton safe website, no trojans, no virus, no security risks, Don’t worry about hackers steal your wildstar Provide pure hand-work gold, pure hand-work gold is safe and legal, will not be carbine tracking.

2.Buy WildStar Gold Through Auction House buyout delivery
Buy wildstar gold can through the mail delivery and face to face and through auction house buyout delivery,A few players choose f2f delivery, because f2f delivery fastest, The auction house delivery slowly than f2f delivery. Additional five percent of transaction fee.

we recommend the auction house buyout delivery, Is the most safe delivery method
For WildStar, auction house is the most authoritative and legal organization.
Item in auction house can be bought by anyone in this realm rather than some specific player. Therefore, Carbine can’t determine whether you are dealing with gold sellers.


Tips on Buying Cheap WildStar Gold Safely



Is buying WildStar gold safe? Can you get banned? Where can you find the cheapest gold? This how-to guide will give you step by step instructions on how to buy wildstar gold safely for the least expensive price.

Figure out how much gold you want to buy. Remember companies offer discounts the more you buy so think long-term. At the same time if this is your first wildstar gold purchase we recommend that you choose a small amount just to get the feel of things and feel comfortable with the vendor you end up choosing.

Find the vendor you want from online.Go the website like . Select the gold you want, create a new account, and click the purchase button. If it’s a large amount of gold they will call your phone to verify the purchase. Some vendors require that your address match your phone number so you may not be able to use a cell phone.

Go make yourself lunch. Log into WildStar. Go to your mailbox and take your big pile of gold! Have fun!

WildStar PvE instance:The Adventure Introduction


In WildStar,all Adventures have to be first discovered during questing, to be later available in the Group Finder. After that you can queue by choosing your role. While waiting, you can continue to explore the world and complete quests. When the system finds a group for you, you will be notified. After accepting the invitation you will be teleported to the instance.

Adventure instances are designed for groups of five. Your group has to complete quests that are displayed in the quest log. The difference between Adventure and Dungeon mode is that in Adventure you don’t earn experience for killing monsters and your group will encounter dialogues with choices to make. Each choice changes the course of action and the instance will be different in result. In every Adventure you have to make a choice several times, so the possibility of going through the same scenario again and again is fairly low.

wildstar adventure

The group makes a decision by voting. The option that gains the majority of votes will be chosen. Rewards are obtained after completing the whole quest. This goes also for additional rewards for kills, death count and the amount of healing done. Everyone gets their own items, so there is no loot sharing.

Moreover, during fights, you earn reputation for which you can buy interesting items from a vendor near the entrance to the instance.It is a very good option for leveling, because at the end of the instance you gain a lot of experience.

WildStar Guide:How to choose your path in WildStar


In Wildstar, besides the race and the class, you have to choose a path for your character. The path enables you to complete additional quests connected with what you like to do. Moreover, gaining higher levels in your path provides special skills.

settler quets

If you enjoy exploring the whole of the map and wandering around ancient ruins or forgotten caves, you should choose this path. During some quests you will climb huge trees, explore deep caves inhabited by dangerous monsters, seek for long forgotten artefacts or draw maps for your faction. Sometimes you will be a spy, putting cameras all over a place, tracking animals or people.

Explorer’s Safe Fall– The damage from falls is reduced for some time.
Air Brakes– Stops you mid-air, letting you enjoy the view and perform another jump.
Translocate beacon – Saves your current location and after using again, teleports you back to it. Cannot be used in PVP.

This path should be chosen by those that have the time to study interesting phenomena. To run an experiment, you will usually need a Scanbot. You can summon it by using the option “Scan” on a given item. The quests tell you what you have to examine.

Holographic Distraction– Creates a clone of your character, which distracts the enemy.
Summon: Group – Summons the group to your location.
Create Portal: Capitol City – Creates a portal to your Capital City.

This path should be chosen by those eager to fight a lot. As a Soldier, you will be receiving quests in majority connected with killing. Sometimes you will have to murder someone, sometimes protect somebody. You will also have the opportunity to rescue innocent citizens from the hands of cruel monsters or mercenaries.

Back Into the Fray – Lets you heal yourself to 100% hp. Usable only out of combat.
Tactical Retreat – Takes you and your group to a safe zone.
Combat Supply Drop – Drops a box of weapons for you and your group. These weapons enable skills such as stuns, etc.

This is a path for those who like to gather resources, to later build constructions that will be helpful to others. It provides quests consisting of gathering materials for someone, as well as constructing buff-providing machines, mailboxes or vendors. All this should be done in specially marked places.

Settler’s Campfire – Creates a fireplace, which enhances healing and increases maximum health for an hour.
Summon: Vendbot – Creates a vendor for sixty seconds, in which you can sell all of your items.
Summon: Mailbox – Creates a mailbox.
Summon: Ability kiosk – Creates an ability kiosk, in which you can buy new abilities.
Summon: Crafting station– Creates a crafting station, in which you can craft new items without having to go back to the city.


WildStar Guide:How to combat in WildStar


The combat in Wildstar is very dynamic and there’s no time for standing in one place. No matter if you’re are a tank, a DPS or a healer, you always have to be on the move. The most important skill for evading attacks is “dodge”, which you can use twice in a short period of time. If you use up all the charges, you have to wait until the bar is full again. You can see the icon of that skill right next to the health bar. The number indicates how many dodges you can still perform. The battles aren’t easy, but you will get used to them quickly.

Most of your enemies are very mobile and fight using skills. You can see the range of a skill before it’s cast. Thanks to this, you can try to avoid it.

wildstar combat

There are also other ways to avoid enemy’s attacks. You can try and stun the enemy when they are casting a spell. You can also ask a tank to use taunt and draw the mob’s aggro.Playing as a tank, you can survive a lot of damage, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to avoid hits. Especially when fighting against bosses, you should dodge their skills, because once hit, it can cost you even a half of your health bar.

Mobs have various skills. Sometimes they breathe fire, continuously dealing damage. Sometimes they aim at you for a given amount time and if you don’t dodge in the last moment, you will be hit. Every fight is unique and a constantly varying range of skills is a standard in this game.

Sometimes the enemy blinds you. Your screen then turns black. The best thing you can do in such situation, is to perform a dodge to the side or stun the mob before it changes position. If the mob dazes youit is best to stay in one place and continue hitting. If you try to move, you will notice that your movement keys have been mixed and you may not know which one to use.

Some of the mobs are aggressive towards certain NPCs. If you have a hard time fighting against a boss, you can try to lure him to such NPCs and they will help you to defeat him.Mobility is the key to success, even if it means that the fight will last longer.Good luck to you !

WildStar guide:The detailed introduction of Arena



wildstar tips

Arenas are places where you can fight in groups. Game modes are: 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 and 5 vs. 5. To begin the fight, you have enroll your team. You can’t enter solo and wait for a partner. When you register, enter the queue.

Remember that you can be in one time in each mode. System chooses enemies at the same level. It examines your level basing on amount of points of your team.

In fight, you have a finite number of respawns. You have to force enemies to use all of them first. Fights take place on small arena, because producers think first of all about dynamic battles.

You decide about the members of your team, so you can have three healers or three tanks if you want to. On arena you fight against other players, there is no additional goal.

Build your unique house in WildStar


wildstar housing

Everyone wants to have a quiet, peaceful house somewhere out of the civilization. In WildStar you can build one when you get to the 14th level.When you meet requirements, you just need to go to the house’s hologram in your capitol and interact with it. Then you’ll be moved onto your own backyard.

Building and Edition
First of all, set up your house. In the right bottom corner you should see options you can choose:
Landspace – building all structures on your land. With that panel you can build your first house. Most of houses which you can make depends on your level, so your choice at the beginning will be rather poor. There is no possibility for building walls and setting up rooms on your own.

Besides house, you can make a garden, place for a party or some mines, which will respawn mineral deposits. Very useful for crafting. Of course, those things break from time to time, and you have to set up a new one.

What is more, you can set up challenge place – when you complete it, you get a reward. Challenges regenerate from time to time.You can also upgrade them. To upgrade a structure, you have to have a proper FabKit. FabKits can be found during exploration of the world or from missions or crafting.

House – you determine how it looks from outside. Appearance of roof, walls, door and sky. You can, for example, make fireworks explodes constantly.

Crate – it’s your inventory with items you can place on your property. If you have decoration in your regular inventory, you have to click on it with right mouse button to transfer it to the crate. Then just click on “Place” to set up an item on the ground.

Vendor – shop with various items you can set up next to your house. They are rather expensive.

List – list of all your items set up on your property.

You have a house, so now decorate it. It’s enough to enter the crate and choose what you want. Click “Place” and the item is on the ground. It is recommended to click on the item and to drag it where you want to place it and then enter the “Toggle Advanced Control” tab. You should see a window of edition where you can choose the size of the item, move it and turn as you like.

Tips and Tricks for Questing in WildStar



There are comprehensive list of things that you should know before you jump into Nexus world.These tips will help you find general and advanced answers about housing, mounts, crafting, questing, and much more.Today we will share the Questing tricks with you.

1.If you click the little number next to the quests name in your quest tracker it will open your questlog on said quest.
2.You can use quest items by pressing T
3.When you click on a quest title in the tracker you get arrows pointing you in the right direction.
4.While questing, look out for special settler-taxi stations, those usually travel short distance to your current quest areas.
5.You can get special weapons from named monsters. If you complete a mini quest connected to your weapon, it will give the weapon a special effect
6.If you haven’t completed a challenge don’t panic, you can restart a challenge after a cooldown, in the challenge menu.
7.You can restart challenges even if you achieved the gold medal.
8.When you’re doing a challenge and you don’t know where you can find more of X monster, look at the map. Purple hexagons indicate the zone you can find those monsters or anything else related to your challenge

The preview of Awesome Adventures in WildStar


wildstar adventure

Wildstar is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs for this year. Carbine Studios has to cater to some extremely high expectations with their humorous space-set cartoonish game. With more and more information being revealed on Wildstar, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what exactly the game will offer. Carbine Studios has released a trailer for the game, explaining what Adventures are, and how they work. Adventures are virtual simulations for 5-man groups, each with specific objectives and tasks to complete. In other words, Adventures are a sort of party-based dungeons, with the minor exception that they happen outdoors.

Basically, as a player, you start a 5-man group and, depending on your level, have access to specific Adventures. The neat thing about Adventures is that they offer huge diversity for Wildstar. Carbine ensured that these are not repetitive, and thus provide players with multiple choices when doing an Adventure. The objectives are fixed, but how you get to those objectives is entirely up to you and your party. You can take on a stealth-based approach, or you can go berserk and slaughter your foes. What NPCs or factions you side with is your choice alone. By this, Carbine promises that group content in Wildstar will never become repetitive, and every playthrough of an Adventure will yield different results.

Based on what we’ve seen so far in the Beta, Adventures are definitely fun. As you start an adventure, the challenges aren’t particularly rough, but as you progress, things get harder and harder, so you won’t fall into a boring grind and routine. They are also considerably lengthy, providing well over an hour of gameplay. And of course, loot is nice, so there’s that incentive for doing them too.

Choose your preference path in WildStar


wildstar tips

One of the most exciting and innovative features coming to WildStar is the Paths system, which allows players to choose what type of side-content they prefer. A character’s path is chosen during character creation, and is a permanent aspect of that character, such as race or class.

Paths are a major form of side-content in the game, offering tons of completely optional content geared towards a player’s preferred play style. This style can be determined by taking the Bartle Test[1], a 30 question quiz that reads into a player’s preferences for online gaming.

The Four Types
Bartle suggests that there are four core types of players who partake in MMOs, on a two-axis spectrum of playstyle preferences. Though a single player may have a draw towards each of the four motivations, often there is a single motivation that spurs the others, such as an Achiever’s desire to explore the whole map for the sake of completion.

Achievers set goals for themselves in game, and make it their duty to complete them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Typically this includes accumulating rare or powerful treasures, holding high in-game status, or accomplishing nigh-impossible tasks.

Socializers prefer to spend their time in the company of their friends and fellow players. These players prefer to role-play, or engage with their friends more than interact with the game itself.

As the name would suggestKillers play MMOs to kill things. They are engaged by having gripping combat, and most enjoy the liberal application of powerful weapons into their foes, most often other players.

Explorers seek to know and understand as much as they can about the game world. These players seek to know hidden secrets, uncover knowledge, and be a source of information for others around them.

Bartle Types in WildStar
In WildStar, Bartle types get taken to the next level, being implemented directly into the gameplay. Once a player has selected their path, they will receive content exclusive to that path throughout the game. Path content is completely optional, and only a player of the selected path can partake in that content, unless they are grouped with another player using crossing paths. The fact that a player can choose a different path for each character also dramatically increases the replay value of WildStar, and offers compelling motivation for players to work in groups. Paths in WildStar are designed to give each player a more fulfilling experience that includes their favorite types of content, whether it be secret knowledge hidden in closed off areas, or killing waves of enemies followed by a unique boss encounter. For more information on each of the unique content that each path presents, or to compare Bartle types with WildStar’s paths, check out the section on Paths. A brief account of each path is detailed below.

The Paths
The Explorer path focuses on map exploration and platforming. The Explorer path gains unique access to secret locations, and is tasked with challenges such as reaching the tops of mountains, climbing jumping puzzles, and completing scavenger hunts that will take her far and wide across the surface of Nexus.

The Scientist path concentrates on completionism, understanding the game world, and finding things that are a secret to everybody. The Scientist gains access to a customizable scan bot, and spends their time discovering the secrets of Nexus. Scientists gain access to hidden lore, blocked off Eldan ruins, and special events like reactivating ancient AI to provide buffs and offer advice.

The Settler prefers social engagement with other players, and utilizing multi-player features. The Settler in WildStar can literally build buildings, creating buff stations, quest givers, and vendors with rare loot. The Settler is everyone’s best friend, and can dramatically improve the quality of life for players around her.

The Soldier path is meant for players who love to kill enemies in games. The Soldier gets access to unique weapons, huge fights, and unique boss battles that will test her reflexes, cunning, and mechanical skill.