In Wildstar, besides the race and the class, you have to choose a path for your character. The path enables you to complete additional quests connected with what you like to do. Moreover, gaining higher levels in your path provides special skills.

settler quets

If you enjoy exploring the whole of the map and wandering around ancient ruins or forgotten caves, you should choose this path. During some quests you will climb huge trees, explore deep caves inhabited by dangerous monsters, seek for long forgotten artefacts or draw maps for your faction. Sometimes you will be a spy, putting cameras all over a place, tracking animals or people.

Explorer’s Safe Fall– The damage from falls is reduced for some time.
Air Brakes– Stops you mid-air, letting you enjoy the view and perform another jump.
Translocate beacon – Saves your current location and after using again, teleports you back to it. Cannot be used in PVP.

This path should be chosen by those that have the time to study interesting phenomena. To run an experiment, you will usually need a Scanbot. You can summon it by using the option “Scan” on a given item. The quests tell you what you have to examine.

Holographic Distraction– Creates a clone of your character, which distracts the enemy.
Summon: Group – Summons the group to your location.
Create Portal: Capitol City – Creates a portal to your Capital City.

This path should be chosen by those eager to fight a lot. As a Soldier, you will be receiving quests in majority connected with killing. Sometimes you will have to murder someone, sometimes protect somebody. You will also have the opportunity to rescue innocent citizens from the hands of cruel monsters or mercenaries.

Back Into the Fray – Lets you heal yourself to 100% hp. Usable only out of combat.
Tactical Retreat – Takes you and your group to a safe zone.
Combat Supply Drop – Drops a box of weapons for you and your group. These weapons enable skills such as stuns, etc.

This is a path for those who like to gather resources, to later build constructions that will be helpful to others. It provides quests consisting of gathering materials for someone, as well as constructing buff-providing machines, mailboxes or vendors. All this should be done in specially marked places.

Settler’s Campfire – Creates a fireplace, which enhances healing and increases maximum health for an hour.
Summon: Vendbot – Creates a vendor for sixty seconds, in which you can sell all of your items.
Summon: Mailbox – Creates a mailbox.
Summon: Ability kiosk – Creates an ability kiosk, in which you can buy new abilities.
Summon: Crafting station– Creates a crafting station, in which you can craft new items without having to go back to the city.