In WildStar,all Adventures have to be first discovered during questing, to be later available in the Group Finder. After that you can queue by choosing your role. While waiting, you can continue to explore the world and complete quests. When the system finds a group for you, you will be notified. After accepting the invitation you will be teleported to the instance.

Adventure instances are designed for groups of five. Your group has to complete quests that are displayed in the quest log. The difference between Adventure and Dungeon mode is that in Adventure you don’t earn experience for killing monsters and your group will encounter dialogues with choices to make. Each choice changes the course of action and the instance will be different in result. In every Adventure you have to make a choice several times, so the possibility of going through the same scenario again and again is fairly low.

wildstar adventure

The group makes a decision by voting. The option that gains the majority of votes will be chosen. Rewards are obtained after completing the whole quest. This goes also for additional rewards for kills, death count and the amount of healing done. Everyone gets their own items, so there is no loot sharing.

Moreover, during fights, you earn reputation for which you can buy interesting items from a vendor near the entrance to the instance.It is a very good option for leveling, because at the end of the instance you gain a lot of experience.